Why Enviroclean for Office & School Cleaning in Cambridge?

Are you looking for an eco-friendly Cambridge-based Cleaning Company who can do the job properly − a professional, reliable company you can trust?

A company who will go the extra mile, who won’t get complacent and who take pride in their work whilst respecting your work? A company with over 20 years experience in this industry, cleaning offices, schools, student accommodation and commercial premises.

That’s what we do and who we are and it’s been the basis of our success so far.

Make a Difference

The longest journey starts with the first step.

We can’t save the planet on our own but if we all do a little, the little will make a lot.

That’s why we choose to use envirological chemicals that don’t choke our rivers and paper products from sustainable sources that don’t cost our forests.

Keeping clean needn’t cost the earth. Be different and make a difference.

Contact Us

tel: 01223 243588
18 Barnwell Business Park,
Barnwell Drive,
Cambridge, CB5 8UZ
e: info@envirocleanltd.com

Eco-friendly Cleaners

As we all know, driving is a major source of carbon emissions.   Switching to a green commute, like cycling, decreases your carbon footprint and keeps the environment cleaner for everyone. Biking to work does not require fossil fuels and can help to reduce your personal contribution to climate change.   Additionally, it reduces noise pollution, making the environment more pleasant.

This is what Enviroclean employees do.

One of our employees, who commutes to work by bike, does 7 miles every day (3.5 miles each way). Driving the same distance a car would produce 404 grams of CO2 per mile.  This means that, thanks to our enviro-friendly employee, there are now 2.828 grams of CO2 less in the air for each working day.   Most of our cleaners cycle to work, so you can see that Enviroclean is committed towards providing a cleaner environment, not only through envirological cleaning products, but also through our enviro-friendly cleaners!

We have been using CHS Ltd for many years,  and we are more than satisfied with the standard of cleaning that they have provided us with.

The staff are very helpful and polite and go out of their way to do a thorough job in all of our premises. They are respectful of the students privacy and their belongings and work around students in the houses. They are totally trustworthy and extremely helpful.

I would thoroughly recommend them to anyone one looking for a good reliable cleaning company.